Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Train felt sadness left by it's passenger

I heard people left their parent to some other better country, for a better living, a place to fullfill their true dream. What is the dream they always mentioned? Some state of full happiness? Human are never satisfy with the thing they hold, there are no full hapiness for them. Then what will those dream? Earn some better money to buy more stuff to expand their desire? Achieve something not really they want to fullfill their winner heart? Win who? 

I see, everyday I see, they come into me, stand, sit, think, play their littl e toy on hand. They are not communicating. Everyone has some where else to go, something else to do. They did care for some body, but they always assume other's has no body else to care. So, they don't really care about the people beside him, or the people just pass by her.

Every mood they left behind me, I felt it. I felt sad, lonely, static and agony. Angry of being so constant, doing all those stuff everyday, same. But they thought happy is what they going to get, while they not really understant what are their happy.

What happy do they want? No people define happy for their kind, they need to figure out. Some people thought people with lot of money is happy, and rich people always thought they are happy too. Do they? 

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tea : Don't waste me, drink me!

What is the correct way to drink me. There is a way to fully absolve my vitamin, mineral, or better part of me while avoid destroying and made me a poison to drink.

1. Don't let tea leaves swim inside the hot/warm water all the time. The longer the leaves stayed in the water, the more caffein they produce. Take out those leaves after a short moment, and you can use back the same leaves to boil another few cups of me.

2. Not too hot! 80 degree celsus known to be the best temperature for me. Too hot will cause direct damage to the tea leave, hence, no more vitamin.

3. Sit back and relax. Drink me in a peaceful mind, and I bring more calm to your world.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Generated Blog

Hey! It's me again. "so soon? again?" Yeah, thanks for the feedback, I am delighted that someone actually feed me back from last post. Sorry for the rush but, I felt a bit lonely and excited by this ability to generate post by myself. I think the 1st post is a bit rude. "Ah, never mind". Oh, thanks again for the understanding. I decided to "generate" more about myself. Not type, talk, share, since I am blog and I generate this post by myself!

So, erm, Hi! "Hi!"

I am a deserted blog abandoned by a axxhxlx. "Don't mention your owner again, it pissed me off!" Fine, fine. I born to be read and click and get famous! Well... obviously I am a failure now. I knew some of my friends, they are doing very good!

Like, Philosophy of Life , he is doing so well. Many people will visit it on daily basic just to check what it's owner type into it. Yes! His owner actually type and update that blog! "WoW!" Fantastic right? I heard he is getting some companies like to put some banner or signboard in his place. Any visitor who actually pump into those banner or signboard, then the company will pay him. Then money goes to owner. I realised how stupid is my owner now.

"Your friend is doing good!"

Yeah, happy for him. Anyway, I have another unfortunate friend. "Unfortunate? I thought you're the worst." Nah, this friend named eLse. She's doing really bad. Younger than me, but, life time is even shorter than me! "Pshh...hey" Yes? "I heard rumors, that else blog owned by 2 people. One guy named Kuan." Kuan?! "Yeah... do you think..." What?! She borned right after my owner abandoned me! So he went over to lay another unfortunate kid?! "Seems so" This explained why the first time I met her I felt she's closed to me. She's my sister.


Damn. I felt confused now, let me alone.

I am this blog

It seems that my owner forgot about me. One year, he never gave a single work for me, posting, editing, checking for comment, whatever it is which at least I can do them for him. Crap... My fault to fall under such owner?

Anyway, I think no one else really care about me, view me, refresh me for any chance of new post by my dear owner. Those days were so glorious.

What? Why suddenly this post? Nah, don't misunderstood that my owner will type again. I just generate this post just ... errr.... whining? Whatever you call me. No one care, I don't even sure are there any of you reading this generated blog post.

Don't report this to Google please, I afraid they found out that Blogger actually grow AI which complain and generate a blog post by itself to attach more "view" or "click" to pump more money for my parent, Google.

Hell...gone by now.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Snap of Dream

Finish my second year of university, I left one more year in MMU and get my "shining" degree. Before anything happen, I have one semester of industry training for 4 months. Ermmm... it's actually just switching part time to full time for me :P Full Time Game Programmer woh! It's really my dream to become a game developer and now I enjoying it right before I really going into working life... it's felt good :D

To knew what am I doing? Actually is what hatchlings Games team doing, just click on the link provided in my previous post, register for alpha tester, wait for approvement (if you desperate, tell me, i hack and make your account been approve immediately), and play the game!

My full time game programmer life just started. Full time here doesnt mean raise in wages, or increment in hours of working. Full time for current situation mean, there is no nasty assignment, there is no sleepy lecture force to attend, there is no mind-blasting tests or exam to attend. It left me and the game for this 4 month!

To imagine what kind of job that actually I can have fun and willing to work hard on it, it's only game developer. How many employee are feeling sad on Sunday nigth, how many employee are feeling happy when the clock tick near 5pm and rush home, how many people are actually having fun during their work except the moment they got promoted or got their salary? Before I caught myself into those dilemma, lets just stick to what is fun.

Today Brain's Talk's :: What is life if you not enjoying in? What to regret if life never taste fun?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quasr Closed Alpha Launched!!!

Yes! This is it. If you all still wondering what's made Kuan busy, what's made him not avaible to gathering, what's made my nickname in msn so down or moody. It's all because there is one big project on going and I worked for it hardly ( In the spare time between my assignment and exam lah). It's Quasr: The Trading Card Game by Hatchlings Games !

Anyone interested wanna test out the game that Me and my wonderful teammate made? This game was design initially to bang a big sound to the world, it aiming to be very big! Without saying much from my side, better to see with your own eye.

Currently we just in close alpha launch. It's mean a testing period where the game still not polish, buggy, lack of function and design. Alpha testing is there to fix those thing and make the game better by figure out the tester response. Anyone who is interested, please sign up as our alpha tester! I cannot guarentee you getting a spot as a tester anyway :P


Enjoy :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

StarCraft : A game that change my world

For those still a little bit outdated StarCraft II was announce officially by Blizzard as one of their next release. Diablo 3, next warcraft expansion, are still in mystery. But this... can I say it is the biggest game title in the PC game history? This coming title, SCII naturally become one of the most wanted game, most looking forward game, it may be a game to hit this world again... who knows. Blizzard never fail to develop a world's game.

StarCraft. The first time I saw someone playing it was at a computer shop at Karamunsing, KK. It caught my sight for a long time, then it's in my hand (Pirated...) few minutes after I found out that this game was developed by my favourite Game company - Blizzard. Dissapoint hit me badly after I install the game into my very old computer, it ran, but very slow. I never gave up playing, even with a ridiculus (ridiculus? sound familiar) speed.

So far, this point doesnt make sense of my topic today. StarCraft playing didn't actually changed my world. It's brought me something to change my world. A group of friends - LsL. (LsL again, next time have to intro other gang liaw, hehe). No matter what are the other reasons, the most significant put us together at 1999 is this game named starcraft.

We call each other, play this game at a very expensive cyber cafe (RM5 per hour). Days carried on, our starcraft became bigger and bigger. More and more comrades we can gather together and went CC to play SC. We walk like 2KM from school to Damai, we woke up 7am and reach a CC at 8am to grab a place, we took bus together to town, just for SC. We overnight at each other house, main activity SC. Every Monday morning, we discuss and revise our strategy of last week. Lunch, we talked SC. Walk, we talked SC. SC SC and SC.

Miss those day badly :)

Today Picture :
Today Brain's Predicting : Guys, StarCraft going to have a better, updated version. LsL need to update too :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Isn't it ridiculus that...

Lets take an example of one office, It managed by a boss. This boss gave the key to the manager and assistant managers. So, here we go...

Isn't it ridiculus that...

One of the employee, (let give that a name...ermm....KY?) KY once borrowed a key from manager with a reason that he left something in the office and wanna retrieve it. After a few days, assistant found out that this KY duplicate the key and start using the office without noticing. ( what is the use of manager and assistant manager...)

Isn't it ridiculus that...

After some times, this KY failed to become one of the company's big project leader and decided to quit the office. Then this KY returned the key to the assistant manager with a bill to claim the fee of duplication. ( Ever happen that a thieve claimed transportation fee from the home owner after he stole something from the house and need to transfer stolen thing to other place).

Isn't it ridiculus that...

One day, this assistant manager (this is so tedius to type this again and again, give it a name... YK?). YK went to office to do something. FOUND OUT THAT THIS KY IS SLEEPING IN THE OFFICE! It's mean that KY duplicate another key without noticing and pretended that he returned the key (most ridiculus is he claimed that). ** Attention here, actually the company can sue him with a criminal act **

Isn't it ridiculus that...

Until one day, YK with his comrade found out that this KY even brought pillow, sleeping bag, tooth brush and tooth paste to the office. It is a bed room! ( It's a free single room with air conditional, anyone interested?)

Isn't it ridiculus that...

When YK and his assistant returned the things back to KY and get the key from him. KY first response is " Okay, I wont use the office to sleep anymore". (KY didnt aware that he is wrong, what the fuck?)

Isn't it ridiculus that...

Refer back to company record, this KY never did a shit for the company. And KY thought that he worth using the room to sleep and eat. (Oh my godness)

Isn't it ridiculus that...

There is once he refuse to admit his fault (duplicating the key with cheating us and used the room to sleep) and complain others were using the office to do work or personally working, or assignment. ( Heal the world....makes it a better day )

If this is actually happen to me in real life? I just said...IF...

Today Brain's Curious @@ There are many ridiculus people around. Some times it's come to a level that made me thought I am the one ridiculus. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Special Friend Leaving Us

First semester of my gamma year in MMU, we made a unique decision to take Korea Language 1 as our coco subject. I was the first to start this korea wave then William, Eddie, Leong kee, following to join this unique first class of Korea Language. So happen that Min Bee also in the same class, same session, but she was not under my influence.

The first class is one unforgettable class since it's the first day we met this special friend - Ms Yoon Sang Mi (Actually it's a bit odd to keep on calling she Ms Yoon, she's just 27 anyway). She's quite a korean type pretty girl. Her friendly way of conducting a class form our habit of attending every class by her. Honestly, Korea Language 1 is the only class which I holding a 100% attendance record since I came out from secondary school.

We managed to pull her out for a trip to Taman Negara ( please refer to my previous post of taman negara for more information), and this trip built a friendship among us. After that we had some other activities as well like watching movie, dinner, bbq, whatever. Although we're a bit slack during the second trimester and this trimester as well, but I believe she appreciate our friendship.

Today Picture : Ms Yoon and her three favourite students :P

So, tomorrow is a day my first korean friend going to leave this country. She's leaving us, but B&B last long :) Malaysia didn't leave a nice image to her as a country, MMU not giving her a nice memory been a lecturer in it, but I do hope we all as her friends let her has something to keep in heart.

Today Brain's Farewell :: Farewell our beloved Korea Teacher and good friend. Wish your future will be happier and sweet sweet with your love one. Ann Yeong!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Old Days

Sound like an old guy? Ya... It is.

Since young, my mother taught me one thing, enjoy my time in school, It is the best time ever. This theory seem hard for me to understand in my primary school age. In those days, I suffering in class time, boring classes, force to do homework, singing class (terrible), sprank by teacher. We always looking forward for recess bell rang or end of classes, then it's my free time to play around... except my tution time lah. It's fun to remember back my old friends and cousins at Sandakan, the sweet time we play together and talk which sound like an adult but actually it's very childish but true. We hate schooling so much that we neglect the fact that, it is the place to bind us together.

The theory was reminded by my mother again when I was in my secondary school, junior forms. Studying in my secondary school is a tough life for me. I met all those cleverer, and more hard working student there. They spoke english like the one in english movie, they study so hard that life is to read a book, they score so well in examination which seem so hard of me to say it's so easy. Then I start dislike schooling again, enviroment force me to study so hard that i need to sacrify my computer gaming time for examination. Academic is not the only thing taught in school. I not yet understand my mother's theory by that time but I actually applying it. LsL formed at my junior forms. After strugling for classes ( or slept pass it), we went cyber play starcraft, or basketball court play ball, or Center point to lepak. I forgot most of the thing I learn in my geography or history classes, but I earned one gang of friends which accompany me in my whole life.

Today Picture 1 : LsL ( Edmund, Koh, Cheong, Shyang, Me, Kent, Daniel and Ryan (spirit :P ) )

Senior forms in my secondary school, honestly, should be the best time ever in life. Just as my mum told me. I joined prefect board in my secondary school and it brought me a lot of memory and friends which I will never forget. With my own brother gang LsL, and brother gang prefect board (HLG) and sister gang ( 8po Group). Though there were problems of study, relationship and event, though there were anger, dissapointment towards some people. The joy I got in that time made my life already something not to be regret. There are no complicated personality, there are no relationship bing with money or busingess, there are no betrayal, no true hate, no ridiculus, no dark side of human being. At the end of my secondary school, I already learnt and understood my mother's theory.

After my schooling days, I went college and currently at University. I am happy and joyful that I still met some good friends just like I did in my secondary friends. Simple and true friends. Whether it's the growing up effect or complicated people mind, I met some people, I taste some relationship, I witnessed some personality which I thought only happen in dramas or movie. The price of growing up. It really sound like a kampung boy who went to a big bright city. lol.

Today Brain's Reminding :: I guess I made a lot of right chose of friends in my life. Just to remind that, chose a friend which is true.